Sunday, October 26, 2003

Monthly Lobster awards

I have decided to make a monthly award for certain developers that can be described as lobsters (think Zoidberg right about now).

Seeing this is the 1st ceremony I have decided to name a few to get things going.

1. Lutz Roeder - does his email even work? does he even read feedback? Not much I guess! And the time I did get a response, he put all the ideas down... see Reflector for a more painfull experience.

2. Werner "I cant say much, I'm under a NDA" Moise - well, well, well, your news is mostly old. You keep argueing without checking your facts. And it is not grammatically correct to start every sentence with 'I'. And repeating your self consistantly makes you look like an idiot. All of us can read.

Gay C# error messages

Overloaded shift operator must have the type of the first operand be the containing type, and the type of the second operand must be int.

Enough said...

Monday, October 13, 2003

Slow times

I have started a new personal project called Xacc. More info can be found at xacc.sourceforge.net. Comments welcome.